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Repairs - Not as easy as they look

From time to time we hear stories about the misadventures of dentures (see what we did there?). Fact is, nearly everyone drops their denture at some stage, or sometimes dentures can crack if pressure is applied in the wrong areas. Believe it or not, the dog chewing on them is another one we hear quite a bit (yes, it happens)! So that’s why this week we’re talking about dentures that need repairs.

Stop - put that glue away!

We know it’s tempting to reach for the superglue when this happens, but often this is the worst idea. This is because most household glues are simply not designed for these kinds of applications, and the denture will most likely break again in the same spot. Also, if it’s not done correctly and they break again, the old layer of glue makes it extremely hard to line the pieces up again to get a good fit. Every time you try to repair them, the denture will simply become weaker, and it will fit less comfortably.

The good news is that it is often possible to repair a denture if it’s done properly, and the team at Clinico happen to be the experts! Every case is different, so our clinician will carefully assess your denture to determine the best course of action. Some repairs are straight-forward but others require a lot more expertise and care.

A proper repair is a complex process.

In the case of a denture that has fractured into several pieces, we first check that all the pieces are there and that they fit together perfectly. Then we glue them together and check that they fit comfortably in your mouth.

Next, our Hamilton Laboratory (MetroLab) makes a mould of your dentures. We then re-break your dentures and grind away the acrylic on either side of the fracture to create a narrow seam that we carefully fill with new acrylic. A special bonding agent chemically joins the new acrylic to your existing denture material. Once it is cured we then grind it to the same thickness as your existing denture so it looks and feels the same as your original denture. The denture is then given a polish to finish it off. With this process, your broken denture will look like new again.

But it’s RIP for some dentures.

Unfortunately not all repairs are long-lasting. Dentures are designed to be durable, but they also experience powerful bite pressure that can quickly undo even the best attempts at repair. Don’t worry, Clinico is also amazing at making new dentures to suit every need and budget, so we’ve got you covered either way! We use only the best materials and teeth to create the perfect smile. Did you know that your House & Contents Insurance will usually cover broken or missing dentures??

Key points:

  • Repairing dentures is not an easy process, and it can cause more damage if not done properly. DIYers beware!

  • In the hands of the experts at Clinico, most repair attempts will produce a great result.

  • House & Contents Insurance will usually have you covered for broken dentures if a repair is not possible.

  • Avoid the superglue.

  • Avoid the superglue.

  • At all costs, avoid the superglue and come see the Team at Clinico for a proper repair!

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