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What does the Denture Process look like?

Many people ask us: What happens during the Denture Process from start to finish? So we thought we’d demystify the process for you.

Let’s recap for a second.

Once you’ve come in for your FREE consultation, our Clinician will:

  • Understand exactly what your denture needs are;

  • Have shown you different affordable options to suit your budget; and

  • Started the process with you, or booked you an appointment to start.

Okay, so what happens next?

  1. Impression appointment

Accuracy is very important in making a comfortable denture. We use a special technique and materials to take an impression to capture the shape and position of the features of your mouth.

Dental impression.

We then use the impression to make a working model of your mouth, and we use this to craft your new denture. We start by building up a wax layer on the model, which we call a Bite Block.

  1. Bite Registration appointment

The wax Bite Block is used to register how your teeth bite together. You will be asked to try the Bite Block in your mouth, and the Clinician will gently complete a series of positioning checks, marking the correct measurements into the wax.

Bite Blocks on a working model, with positioning markings after bite registration.

The Bite Block is then sent to our laboratory (MetroLab) where our Technicians will construct a trial denture from wax. You also get to select your preferred shade of teeth at this stage - there’s different options according to what is affordable for you.

  1. Wax Try-in appointment

This is where you get a chance to view and trial the denture using the teeth you chose! Don’t worry, it’s just a trial at this point and we can still modify it for you - the point is so that you feel totally happy with the results before we agree to making the final denture.

A wax try-in on a working model, ready for the patient to try.

Once you’re happy, we then ask for your formal approval to move to the final stages of fabricating your denture.

Our Technicians will then make your denture in exactly the same shape as the wax try-in, but this time using strong acrylic materials. They create natural details, grind away any imperfections, and polish the denture ready for your fitting.

  1. Fitting appointment

This is where you finally get to try out your brand new dentures! Your Clinician will help you pop them in to see how they feel and look. If necessary, they will make small adjustments to the denture to ensure they fit perfectly and are comfortable. Then you get to take them home!

The final denture, completed.

  1. Follow-up appointment (if required)

Many patients will happily use their denture from the final fitting, but some (especially if they are a new denture wearer) need a bit of time to adjust. We happily provide follow-up appointments to ease or adjust your denture if you need it. Remember: It’s perfectly normal for this to occur, but know that we’re here to help.

So that’s it.

The whole process can take as little as two days (yes, you read that right) under special circumstances, but usually there’s about a week in between appointments. We’ll work with you to figure out a timeframe that suits.

One of our strengths is in the after-care we provide. Our priority is to make sure your denture is comfortable and functional from the start of your journey - after all, what’s the point of owning a denture that doesn’t fit well and hurts to wear?

Clinico’s excellent reputation for service over the past 50 years has always been about Outstanding care for our patients and fantastic quality dentures at affordable prices.

Call us to book your Free Consultation and start today!

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