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Clinician Profile: Steve Sharp

BDentTech and PGDipCDentTech (Distinction).

I have been working as a Clinical Dental Technologist since my graduation in 2009, so 11 years this year.

I would describe myself as a kind and extremely approachable person. Meticulous attention to detail, and always trying my utmost to achieve the best possible outcome for my patients.

I have a particular interest in Full dentures, specifically trying to improve my patients outcomes and experiences with adjusting to their new life with full dentures, and particularly offering options for dealing with difficult full lower dentures. These involve looking at suction effective lower dentures, ultra-suction valves, and if finances allow, facilitating the placement of 2 lower implants to provide the best possible retention for the lower denture.

I like to spent most of my free-time training for, and competing, in IronMan and various other multi sport events. I also enjoy spending numerous night-time hours working on several web and app development projects that I am involved in.

A random fact about me is that I have a bit of an unhealthy obsession with Ryobi power tools, I easily have 30+ Ryobi power and gardening tools!

Also I am from Zimbabwe originally, having moved to NZ in my teens with my family.

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