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Denture Repairs - Trust The Experts

In this blog I will be explaining how the technicians repair your dentures to make them feel and look brand new, so Jim, put down that glue, make a cup of tea and give us a call!

During this time difficult time, you still may need your dentures repaired. But I’m going to explain why you should try hold of reaching for that glue and have them repaired properly.

If your dentures fracture into 2 pieces, it might seem easy enough to just glue them back together. But, if done even very slightly wrong this can cause a lot more problems! Glue is a very temporary solution and if they break again (which they most likely will) you will then have a layer of glue on each side of the fracture which makes it much harder to get them back into the correct position. So every time you do this they become increasingly inaccurate, and simply won’t fit or function. 

When you arrive at our clinics our clinician will take a look at your dentures and make sure there’s no missing bits and check they fit back together correctly. Once they do this they will add some glue and carefully place them together and check the fit in your mouth. 

Then we make a mould of the fitting surface of your dentures using either plaster or lab putty. We then re break your dentures and grind away acrylic on either side of the fracture to make room for the new acrylic. 

Once this is prepared we use a bonding agent which allows the new acrylic to chemically bond to your existing denture base. The new acrylic is then carefully added in place of the fracture and placed into a pressure pot to cure/set. 

Once it is cured we then grind any excess away and grind it down to the same thickness as your existing denture so it feels the same. The denture is then given a pumice and a polish and will look and feel like new and be a much better, long term fix than the glue you have stashed away in the shed.  Phillip Fletcher ~ Laboratory Manager

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