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Dentures in Pop Culture!

Dentures, they are usually associated with your grandma and something only old people will have and well, let’s be honest pretty gross! But dentures or dental prosthetics are used in many different areas of life and pop culture and I mean more than just grandpa Simpsons dentures at the side of his bed!

There has been many famous people that have worn dentures, now and in the past. It’s probably no surprise that in the past older, famous people wore dentures but did you know Winston Churchill had his dentures designed so that he kept his signature lisp? Florence Henderson from the Brady Bunch also wore dentures and was an ambassador for Polident denture cleaner. Janice Dickinson the famous American model once lost her false teeth at a restaurant and was seen looking under the table for them, luckily she found them!

Not only have the older generation used dentures but the younger, famous people you will know have too! In Harry Potter Emma Watson wore dentures! She was losing her baby teeth during filming and to keep Hermione Grangers perfect smile she had dentures made for her. This brings me on to how dentures and dental prosthetics are used in today’s pop culture. Dentures are used to create perfect “Hollywood smile” smiles and also the worst smiles you will ever see such as the Orcs in the Lord Of The Rings. Remember the scene in Mrs Doubtfire when the late Robin Williams was drinking wine from a glass and his/her dentures fell out? These where made by a dental technician in Hollywood! These where designed specifically to fall out whilst he was drinking and a lot of communication between the dentist and technician went in to creating this effect!

Do you also remember Jonah Hill in Wolf Of Wall street? He had some Teeth made up to fit over his natural teeth that he could take off and off for filming and who can forget that famous Austin Powers smile... Groovy baby! It’s not just the nice smiles that are created it is also the downright ugly. Dental Technicians have to become makeup artists when they are involved in movie sets. Many terrifying smiles you know from movies will be attached to a mask the actor will wear but, in many cases especially vampire films teeth will be made to go over the actors natural teeth. In Interview with the Vampire both Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt wore fake teeth that were made by a dental technician to fit over their teeth. In Castaway do you remember Tom Hanks knocking his tooth out with an ice skate? Well that tooth that came out and was oozing puss and gunk was made by a technician and having impressions of Tom Hanks mouth made so it looked just like his tooth coming out!

So next time you’re watching a film have a look and see if you can spot any fake teeth or a denture and see the importance of dentures not only in the everyday health and appearance of your grandma but also in the entertainment industry!

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